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Marking the way on time

Every minute not used is a waste of time. It is a philosophy that Pizzato Trasporti takes every day to practice. Created in the 80s, this company carries out huge investments in facilities and cutting-edge technologies to be able to continue providing a first level service. To motivate the staff, they have implemented a training program

keep going. “For my best, only the best,” says Mr. Pizzato. “To differentiate ourselves from others and keep stimulating our collaborators, we only work with the best brands. And of course, Alcoa wheels is one of them. ”

Pizzato is a great admirer of the Alcoa Dura-Bright® wheels. “It’s not only because of its brightness that it makes them look like diamonds, it’s that they make life much easier,” says Mr. Pizzato. “Besides being very easy to keep them clean, they allow us to carry more weight. We won on two fronts! ” The Pizzato fleet consists of 70 vehicles fully equipped with the best of Arconic. Pizzato is convinced that by evolving endlessly and giving customers excellent products, one ends up being a leader. We have little to comment on, as there is no tire easier to maintain than the Dura-Bright® tire.

Pizzato Trasporti is a name with a lot of weight in the food liquids transport sector and is located in Bassano del Grappa. To know more, visit his page

Arconic Launches New Surface Treatment for Alcoa® Wheels in Europe: Dura-Bright®/Dura-Flange® Surface Treatments Provide More Flange Protection, Doubles Wheel Service Life

Székesfehérvár, Hungary, August 16, 2017 – Arconic (NYSE: ARNC) announced today that its Alcoa® Wheels product portfolio is expanding to include forged aluminium wheels with a combined Dura-Bright®/Dura-Flange® surface treatment.

The new treatment offers more protection against rim flange wear, doubling the service life of the wheel while continuing to require low maintenance: extensive testing of the finish across customer fleets showed the wheels displayed no signs of rim flange wear even after 240,000 kilometers.  The treatment also kept its high-shine, high quality appearance after hundreds of washes, which would result in reduced maintenance costs.

“Arconic has combined two proven and tested innovations in the Dura-Bright/Dura-Flange surface treatment.  The result is a wheel that maintains its premium, high-shine appearance while, like all Alcoa Wheels, allowing fleets to increase payload and reduce fuel and maintenance costs – a great example of how Arconic wins by helping our customers win,” said István Katus, Vice President and General Manager Arconic Wheel Products Europe, Middle-East and Africa.

Alcoa Wheels with the Dura-Bright/Dura-Flange treatment are the ideal solution for logging fleets, city bus fleets and city bus operators: the frequent shift of these vehicles’ load increases flange wear and tear, making their low maintenance characteristics even more beneficial.  The new Dura-Bright/Dura-Flange Alcoa Wheels are available through distributors.

All Alcoa Wheels are made from one piece of fully forged aluminium, making them 47% lighter and five times stronger than steel wheels, increasing payload and fuel efficiency.  For more information please visit or find Alcoa Wheels Europe on Facebook:

About Dura-Bright
Unlike competitive surface coatings that can crack, peel, corrode and dull quickly, the Dura-Bright treatment is not a coating, but rather a surface treatment that penetrates the aluminium and becomes an integral part of the wheel. Regular cleaning with commonly used cleaning products or with just soap and water will keep the wheels’ high-shine, even after hundreds of washes and thousands of kilometers, reducing maintenance costs.

About Dura-Flange
The Dura-Flange treatment provides a protective shield to further reduce rim flange wear. Dura-Flange is commonly used in transport where loads are heavy and prone to shifting, causing the tyre bead to rub against the wheel flange. The treatment provides extra protection, doubling the wheels’ service life when compared to untreated aluminium wheels under the same conditions.

About Arconic
Arconic (NYSE: ARNC) creates breakthrough products that shape industries. Working in close partnership with our customers, we solve complex engineering challenges to transform the way we fly, drive, build and power. Through the ingenuity of our people and cutting-edge advanced manufacturing techniques, we deliver these products at a quality and efficiency that ensure customer success and shareholder value. For more information: Follow @arconic: TwitterInstagramFacebookLinkedIn and YouTube.

With the change of season, it’s time for spring cleaning!

The most beautiful time of the year has arrived … Spring cleaning. Everyone’s favorite. Even so, cleaning your Alcoa Wheels Dura-Bright® wheels has never been so easy! Dura-Bright® Wheel Wash is a special cleaner perfect for weekly use and is completely safe because you do not need to dilute the product. Dura-Bright® Wheel Wash helps prevent the formation of brake lining caused by brakes and the copper veil. It is the only cleaner developed and approved by the Alcoa Wheels tire manufacturer.
Easy to use, gleaming rims on an eyeblink!

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